We have configured an ever growing list of individuals, which we have produced concise articles about, relevant to certain activities and concepts. It is our intention to supply the best available information about the individual without bias. It is not the intent of the author to criticise individuals of their actions. It is the duty of the author to simply lay out the facts or theories for the reader.

Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy
  • Article by K9yne Rarely does a non-traditional theory have the support and interest needed to become a full-fledged study and science of its own right the way orgone energy has, but the really interesting thing about Orgonomy (as the study [...] Read More »
The Rothschild Dynasty
  • Mayer Amschel Rothschild is known as the forefather to the Rothschild banking dynasty and the “father of international finance,” according to Forbes magazine. Born in Frankfurt, Germany 1744, he started out as an apprentice to the banking firm Jakob Wolf [...] Read More »
Prescott Bush
  • The Bush family has seemingly finished their reign over U.S. domestic and foreign policies, leaving countless catastrophes in their wake within the homeland and overseas. It is important to understand how that power was formed, from one aspect, at-least. Prescott [...] Read More »
  • Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. is most notably known for his leadership role in the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL), which he founded in 1914, and established the first branch in Jamaica after spending some years in [...] Read More »
Edward L. Bernays
  • Edward Bernays has long been crowned the “father of spin.” As a nephew to Sigmund Freud, Bernays derived many of his ideas from Freud’s psychoanalytic suggestions to promote many ventures throughout his life. Bernays once made the statement that “the [...] Read More »
James Vicary and Subliminal Advertising
  • James M. Vicary was one of the forefathers of subliminal advertising. He led a study in 1957, which some will argue never happened, that hypothesized; under certain circumstances, individuals “will act abnormally” without being aware of the influence of subliminal cues. This [...] Read More »

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