Football Season Is on Fire: Did You Grab Your Favorite Shirt Yet?

Football season is in full swing, and whether you’re a fan of the sport or not, you know that you need to get your favorite shirt if you want to show your support. But which football shirt should you buy? We’ve got you covered with our top 8 football shirt trends for this season. These styles will have you looking stylish and dressed to impress. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite shirt and get ready for some action-packed football seasons!

Football Season Is on Fire - Did You Grab Your Favorite Shirt Yet

8 Best Football T-shirt Styles to Help You Show Your Team Spirit This Year

Traditional black & white t-shirt

A lot of people love to wear single-colored or two-toned black & white basic t-shirts for game day. If you also don’t like very extra pop of color, then this is the style of t-shirt you should go for.

Football slogans t-shirts

If you’re looking for a statement shirt that goes with everything, then look no further than slogan shirts. This style is loud and proud, and will let everyone know who your team is rooting for this season! You can get a Carolina Panthers football shirt if you are a fan and let everyone know about your favorites without even saying a word.

Slim-fit t-shirts

This is the era of looking stylish and chic, and what else will be better than a slim-fitting t-shirt? You need to be very careful with your sizing in order to find the perfect fit though.

Football stripes tees

What’s better than one cool football shirt trend? Two! So if you’re looking for a style that features both classic and contemporary elements, look no further than striped shirts. They’ll have everyone talking this season!

Football v-neck t-shirts

If there’s one type of shirt that screams “I’m a fan,” it’s a v-neck t-shirt with your team logo on it. These comfortable tees will take your outfit up a notch, and they won’t require any formality to wear.

Football knit t-shirts

If you’re in the mood for something a little more rustic, then check out football knit tees. These heavyweight shirts are perfect for chilly weather and will keep you warm all season long.

Football graphic tees

Looking for something a little more unique? Graphic football tees are perfect for you! These designs are intricate and full of color, so they’ll really distinguish you from the rest.

Football prints t-shirts

Prints aren’t just limited to clothes anymore – they can be found on tees too! This playful style features fun graphics that will make you stand out from the crowd.

5 Must-Have Accessories for a Successful Football Game Day Look

Along with a football lover shirt, there are some accessories that you must have in order to rock your game day look. Let’s check these out.


Protect your eyes from the sun and glare with sunglasses! They’ll keep you looking sharp all game long, and they’re a great way to show off your team spirit.


Wearing a hat is essential for keeping cool during hot weather games – not to mention it makes you look pretty dang good too! Find the right one for you by experimenting with different styles and colors until you find what works best for you.

A tote bag

Store your snacks, drinks and other supplies in a handy tote bag – perfect for grabbing and going on game day adventures!

Comfortable shoes

No football game is complete without some foot-stomping action, so make sure you bring along some comfy shoes. You don’t want to end up swollen and miserable after the big game is over!

Lip balm

Keeping your lips moisturized while watching the big games can be tricky – but not with a high quality lip balm! This safe and effective formula will keep you looking healthy all day long.


This year onwards, get ready for an action-packed season with your favorite shirt! Grab it from the rack and watch how exciting this game can become when you’re wearing your favorite shirt.