The Perfect Gel Polish Colors for Blondes and Redheads

Just as your attire and the occasion demand a specific nail polish color, your hair color also plays a defining role. So, yes. Choosing the perfect color can be challenging, especially if you have pale skin tone and blonde hair. But, some colors are ideally suited for redheads. These colors enhance your personality and make you look gorgeous. So, this blog helps you choose the perfect gel nail polish set for blonde hair.

Gel Polish That Suits Redheads

Gel Polish That Suits Redheads

Redheads or blondes have great hair. Secondly, the OPI nail polish set has an extraordinary range of colors that suit your blonde hair. Blonde hair can have various shades, from strawberry blondes to coppery hues and bronze looks to golden hues. In addition, each color has contrasting nail shades that add to your glamor quotient.

Go for the warm colors

Generally, redhead blondes have warm skin tones. So, we advise choosing warmer colors to match the blonde look. So, if you have reddish-orange hair, the best nail colors should be coral, rose gold, or plain orange. These beautiful colors are perfect for your red hair. Besides, they look great if you wear matching attire.

In addition, the warmer skin tones look great with peach or beige undertones. Besides, creamy white and ivory are the best shades that match the blond look perfectly.

Strawberry blonde hair

Generally, women with strawberry blonde hair usually have peach-colored skin tones. So, there would not be much difference between their skin and hair color. However, we recommend a darker peach or pinkish shade for their nails to suit their hair color better. Coral pink is also an excellent option for people with strawberry blonde hair.

The golden blonde hair

The golden blondes are the most beautiful because they display pure innocence. So, we suggest an array of colors for such women. The OPI nail polish set features a range of yellowish golden colors that should suit these blondes perfectly. In addition, the bronze metallic shades and deep yellows are also ideal colors for such blondes.

The ginger brown blondes

Ginger brown blondes are generally unique with their pale skin and freckles. Usually, such women love warm undertones like the creamy ivory shades or the butterscotch colors. The earthy pastels also suit them perfectly. Such people can also try out the saffron yellow colors from their gel polish set. These colors are ideal for such blondes. The trick is to match their skin and hair color in the best way possible.

The adventurous blondes

Younger blondes have the adventure streak in them. Such women can try the warm shades of blue or green and still look charming, provided they have a matching outfit. The peaceful blue is an ideal shade that contrasts beautifully with the fiery hair colors. So, if you love adventure, we suggest the ocean blue shades match your orange dresses and golden hair.

Auburn blondes

Usually, auburn blondes have a medium skin tone. So, the copper hues are perfect for such women as it enhances their beauty and makes them look more gorgeous than ever. In addition, the reddish copper tinge on their nails gels beautifully with their wheatish skin tone. They can also use earthy hues like bronze, golden, and others as an ideal contrasting shade.

The neutral shades

Nothing can beat the neutral shades because these colors match almost every skin tone. In addition, reputed brands like the OPI nail polish set offer a range of nudes to suit virtually any skin tone, from the fairest of whites to the medium tanned looks.

You can divide the neutral shades into warm and cool hues to match their skin tone. For example, red and orange are excellent examples of warm shades. Similarly, the yellow hues also qualify in this category. At the same time, deep blue and greens are usually considered cold hues.

The universal neutral shades are pinks, browns, and bronze, as they suit a majority of blondes. Therefore, neutral shades are always considered the most versatile nail polish shades. However, we caution against using colors that do not match the skin tone because they can stand out and make you look uncomfortable.

Tip for Choosing the Best Nail Colors for Blondes

These tips should summarize whatever we have discussed above. Then, blondes can benefit from these ideas and choose colors that suit them the best.

  • Go for warm undertones as much as possible because blondes usually have fair to medium skin color.
  • Pinks are ideal only if you have very fair skin and have matching hair color. Otherwise, we do not suggest pinks.
  • The neutral shades are the best because they suit all skin tones and attire.

Final Thoughts

Blondes are beautiful, and it is fitting if they use the perfect nail color from the OPI polish set. So, choose your colors wisely and have a great time exhibiting your nails on your social media profiles.