Tips and Ideas for Getting the Perfect Makeover for Pigmented Skin

Pigmented skin experiences a lot of problems whether it is doing makeup or skincare. The pigments, blotches, freckles and dark spots are very difficult to hide. They become prominent on your skin and your whole makeup look becomes masked off. While getting ready for special events, the application of heavy makeup almost camouflages them. It’s the daily, casual makeup look that is tricky. This is because you want to get an even skin complexion without applying a lot of makeup. This article will serve as a guide to get the beautiful, casual makeup look on a daily basis when you have a lot of pigmentation on your skin.

Tips Perfect Makeover for Pigmented Skin

Tips to even out your skin complexion

Freckles make your face look dull and pale. It is very important to camouflage them properly to get an even complexion. In order to hide these, you should use the best full coverage foundation for freckles. The buildable high coverage ability of the foundation will cover up each and every freckled spot. In this way, you will get an even tone on all areas of your face. A foundation serves as the best way to cover up any pigmented spot.

Second important thing is using a concealer. Sometimes pigmentation is a bit darker in the under eye and forehead area. Concealer will help you to further uplift the complexion and enhance the look. The base created by the foundation is really strengthened by its use.

A light contour will further enhance the shape of your face. Go for lighter contour shades on a daily basis.

Some additional makeup tips

After your makeup base is done, you just need to do a few additional steps to add up to your look.

The first important thing is a lip tint. For daily routine, go for soft and nude colors. Avoid using very bold shades. Warm lip colors make you look subtle and sophisticated.

Blush is also an essential makeup requirement. Again, choose soft, rosy shades for a routine makeup look.

Next comes the eyes. A lot of people ignore the importance of eye makeup. It really takes your look to a whole other level. If you don’t want to apply full eye makeup, you can only use mascara. You can curl out your straight lashes to get an attractive look. We suggest you use mascara for straight lashes. As it is designed specifically for dead straight eyelashes, it has strong curling ability. It highly improves the look of your eyes and makes them look prominent and attractive. You can also pair it up with an eyeliner for added effect.

Best blending ideas

The way you blend your makeup really means a lot especially for pigmented skin. You need to be very careful about each and every spot, whether it is covered or not.

Use soft tipped sponges that glide smoothly on your skin. On curved and wrinkled areas like the upper eyelid or near the nose, you can blend your product using your fingertips.

While choosing your products, make sure they have a good creamy consistency. This allows easy application and smooth finish of the product. Hard or greasy textured products are of no use for pigmented skin as they create lines and textures on your face.


Daily makeup look could be tricky to achieve as it requires to be minimalist. But you can create a beautiful, soft and glamorous look in just a few minutes. You just need to stay vigilant about the pigmented spots on your face. Pay special attention to them and create a decent look. Our suggestions are definitely going to help you in getting a routine glamour.