How To Get Your First Tattoo?

You have taken a thoughtful decision to get the tattoo done. You must have gone through the online guides around a thousand times on, How to get the tattoo done? What to expect? How much is it going to pain? And whatnot. It is okay to be scared and skeptical when permanently inking your skin. We are here to help you get through the inaugural ink.

How To Get Your First Tattoo

Picking Tattoo Artist

Do not go to any tattoo shop you randomly come across while walking down the street. Visit a few shops, look for their style of work. Follow them online to see how alluring is their inking creativity.

You should research well to see how the tattoo is looking after it has healed. The fresh tattoo can look a lot different as compared to after healing. Many artists post their fresh-tattoo pictures and do not show their healed work. The healed tattoo must maintain the same lines and colors.

Check Their Tools

When visiting the tattoo salon or a studio, check for the tools the artists are using. Enquire about which tattoo rotary pen or coil machine they are using. Ask about the process, how much time it takes, and the amount you will have to pay for the tattoo.

A good tattoo artist will let you about the various steps of tattooing in detail. A genuine artist will explain the whole process of getting inked, from describing the tattoo transfer paper to the aftercare of the tattoo.

Employee and Hygiene

Look for any red alerts while you visit the studio to enquire. Keep one eye on how the employees behave and are correctly performing their work. Apart from using gloves to stay clear from any contamination, look for sealed packets of needles and other items. A perfect studio will have a sterilization machine installed for cleaning the tattoo gun and other expensive equipment.

Whenever visiting them for your tattoo, do not hesitate to ask them to disinfect the surfaces. Ask them to clean using bleach-based cleaners to clean up. Blood can seriously contaminate various surfaces. Inquire about the inks they will use for the tattoo, check if they contain any metal or solvent banned by the FDA.

Finalize And Book Your Appointment

After you are satisfied with the studio’s features and cleanliness, get your design ready and book your appointment. Discuss your tattoo design a few times to ensure the lines and size are apt to put on the skin.

When finalizing the studio and design, make sure to discuss how the design will look on you. If you want to get a small design tattoo, choose an appropriate and suitable tattoo design.

Tattoo Day

Apart from motivating yourself for the day, make sure to have someone to accompany you along. The tattoo artist will take a little longer time before inking you to set up the surface and design. It will allow you to see that everything is sterile and is coming out of new packets.

If the pain becomes unbearable while getting the tattoo, ask your tattoo artist to hold for a while and restart. Wrapping and after-care involve placing a clear wrap on the tattoo. Your tattoo artist will let you know how much time do you need to care for the tattoo, etc.


Getting a tattoo can be exciting and frightening at the same time. But getting there will require you to enjoy the process starting from picking the design to deciding what to wear while getting inked. Be careful and safe while getting the tattoo done. Get the tattoo only when you are convinced, as it is a permanent investment.