Techniques to Get the Most Mesmerizing Eye Looks

Mesmerizing eyes can be the key to attraction. It is no wonder that so many people are looking for techniques to get the most attractive eye looks. While there are many things that go into making someone’s eyes look amazing, there are a few basic tips that everyone can follow.

Techniques to Get the Most Mesmerizing Eye Looks

Experiment with Eyebrow Shape

There are a few different eyebrow shapes that you can try out. The most popular eyebrow shape is the curved eyebrow. You can also try the angled eyebrow or the straight eyebrow. Whichever eyebrow shape you choose, make sure to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps and make them look more symmetrical. To get a beautiful eyebrow shape, it is very important to first get a good growth of hair. For this purpose, you can try out the best castor oil for eyebrows. Once the growth of your eyebrows improves, you can shape them in whatever way you want.

Choose a Unique Eyeliner Color

The next important step in getting a dazzling eye look is finding out what color eyeliner works for you. To figure out which color works best for you, simply try a few different colors one at a time. For instance, if you have green eyes, it is best to start with brown or gold eyeliner since they both work well with your eye color. If you notice that the color makes your eyes stand out more and draws attention in a positive way, then that is probably going to be a good color for you. There are many different shades of green, blue, purple, gold, silver, copper, and bronze available for people who want more of an exotic look. It is important to remember that not all colors are going to work for everyone’s eyes. If you notice that the particular color you are trying on makes your eyes stand out or appear unusual in any way then try another color on instead since you do not want your eyes to look strange.

Try out Trendy Eyeliner Shapes

The next step in getting the most head-turning eye looks is finding out which eyeliner shape works best for you. The key here is trying different shapes on and seeing what works well with your eyes. If you are unsure, start by using a simple line across your upper eyelid that connects outside the corner of each eye. Then, try experimenting with thicker lines or slightly thicker lines that connect at different places along each eyelid.

Don’t Forget Your Lower Lash Line

This can be a little bit tricky, but if you stick with simple lines that keep the same thickness as they go from one end of your lower lashes to the other, it should not be too difficult to master this technique. It is always best to start off with a thin line near your nose since this will help define your eyes and give them a more exotic appearance. Then, try gradually increasing the width of each line until you reach about an inch or so away from the center of your eyes at which point it is best to start decreasing the pencil width until you are back to simple, thin lines near your nose. This will help give the appearance of making your eyes look bigger and also draw attention to them.

Learn the Art of Applying Mascara

Next comes the application of mascara appropriately. Keep in mind that every lash should be separated when doing this so there are no clumps anywhere near your lashes around them since this will make your eyes appear smaller and make you look tired.

False Eyelashes Can Never Go Wrong

One way to make your eyes look bigger and attractive is to use false eyelashes. There are a few different ways to apply them, but the most common way is to put them on the lash line. You can buy drugstore false eyelashes and apply them to give volume and bling to your eyes.


While there are many techniques to getting unique and mesmerizing eye looks, the few that we’ve outlined are a great place to start. Be sure to experiment with different products and techniques to find what works best for you. And most importantly, have fun with it! The more confident you feel about your look, the better it will show in your eyes.