How to Use the OPI Dipping Powder Kit in the Best Manner

Nail polish is something that every woman loves to have. It enhances their overall beauty and makes them look glamorous and presentable on any occasion. While various manicures are available, women generally prefer the dipping powder procedure because it provides the lasting power of acrylic nails and the glossy appearance of a gel manicure. Besides, dipping powder manicures strengthen your nails by giving an additional coating over them. Hence, nails do not chip off easily when you have OPI dip powder nails.

The Process of Using OPI Dipping Powder Kit

The dip powder procedure is crucial to the manicure, and so is the dip powder kit you use. So, let us discuss how to use the OPI dipping powder kit in the best manner possible.

The Process of Using OPI Dipping Powder Kit

Get your dip powder kit arranged properly

Your kit is an essential part of your dipping powder manicure. Hence, it becomes imperative for everyone to have their kit arranged perfectly. The best dip powder kits contain an extensive range of tools necessary for an impeccable manicure. These tools include nail cutters, nail files & buffs, dipping powder bottles, the basecoat, topcoat, activator gels, acetone, alcohol wipes, cuticle pushers, etc. You need all these ingredients during your manicure.

Prep your nails for the manicure

Before you sit for your dipping powder manicure, you should clean your nails thoroughly. Next, you cut and shape your nails in the desired shape. It is better to ensure no pointed edges because they can damage your manicure and cause injuries. The nail file proves handy in smoothing out the edges and making your nails look immaculate.

The cuticles deserve great attention because they can interfere with your manicure and damage it. The right way is to push them into their grooves. Your OPI powder kit contains an orangewood cuticle pusher. Push your cuticles and buff the nail surface to rough it up. The next procedure is to use the alcohol wipes and clean the nail surface of its debris. Your nails are now ready for the OPI dip powder manicure.

Apply the basecoat

Your dip powder cannot stick to your nail surface. Hence, you must apply a couple of basecoat layers to the nail surface. It is advisable to leave out space near the cuticles. You must apply the basecoat in thing strokes in a uni-directional way. It ensures there is no overlapping and thus avoids thickening the nail surface.

The dip powder job

While the basecoat application is still wet, you should dip your fingernails into the dip powder color of your choice. But, before doing so, it is better to shake the bottle thoroughly to allow the powder to mix well. The right way is to dip your nail at a 45-degree angle and gently roll it to allow the powder to spread out evenly over your nail. Then, you can use a clean brush to spread the powder uniformly over the nails. The advantage is that the powder sticks to the basecoat. Thus, it spares your cuticles. You can quickly dust off the excess powder and proceed to the next step.

The activator gel

The Activator gel application is critical to your OPI dip powder manicure because it helps the powder ingredients bond with the basecoat and sticks firmly to the nail surface. You can file your nail now and smooth the edges because the powder can stick around and look uneven.

The topcoat application

Allow the activator to dry naturally. It should not take more than two to three minutes. Finally, you apply a topcoat application layer to seal the dip powder manicure in place. A single coat gives a matte look, whereas having more than three to four coats lends the glossy effect to your nails.

The best aspect of dip powder manicures is that they do not involve using UV lamps to cure the polish. Instead, the topcoat dries within a couple of minutes on exposure to air. Your dipping powder manicure is now ready for display.

Benefits of Dip Powder Manicure

Dip powder manicure is beneficial in many ways.

  • These manicures last comfortably for three to four weeks. In addition, they strengthen your nails and prevent them from chipping or cracking.
  • If you follow the correct procedure, they do not lift. The cuticles play a crucial role in this aspect. If you had not pushed them properly, they would have interfered with the manicure and lifted the dip powder layer providing chances of nail infection.
  • Dip powder does not contain any toxic chemicals and does not give out a bad odor.
  • Removing dip powder polish is a straightforward method that involves soaking the nails in acetone.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed how to get an immaculate dip powder kits in the most straightforward manner possible. Now, you can proudly show off your dip nails to your friends on your social media handles.