Schumann Resonance

Schumann Resonances are somewhat of an electromagnetic phenomenon which occurs in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range of the electromagnetic spectrum on Earth. The discovery of this frequency range is largely credited to Winifred Otto Schumann, whom predicted the range mathematically in the early 1950’s, although Nikola Tesla documented his findings of this range as the basis for his theory on wireless energy transmission in 1905. The resonance occurs at frequencies between 3 and 69 Hertz (Hz), but statistically remains at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. Hertz is simply a measurement of frequency which is defined by cycles per second.

Lightning discharges within the ionosphere (the uppermost part of the atmosphere; containing high levels of free electrons) are the primary source of excitation of the Schumann resonance. It has been coined by researchers and scientists as the “natural healing frequency,” “tuning fork for life,” and “Earth’s heartbeat.” It was first used for healing by Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig under various conditions. One noteworthy instance was the implementation of the frequency within spacecrafts for NASA, as astronauts often reported various illnesses while out in space (outside the Earth’s ionosphere) where no similar frequency range occurs. The Schumann Resonance devices had a stabilizing effect on the astronauts in space and have since been a standard component to spacecraft.

A strong correlation between Schumann resonances and alpha rhythm brainwaves was discovered by Dr. Ankermueller after Schumman published his work in the journal ‘Technische Physik’. Dr. Herbert König, who later became a successor to Schumann’s work, compared human EEG recordings (electroencephalogram: a graphical record of electrical activity of the brain; produced by an electroencephalograph) with electromagnetic fields of the natural environment and found a profoundly close similarity to alpha rhythms of the brain.

The information provided may help to conclude that one’s most stable condition, both physically and mentally, is when they are in tune to the same frequency as the earth. Many consider this a scientifically explainable means of a sense of “oneness” or even communication with the earth. Many “manmade” frequencies exist which interfere with the Schumann resonance, which in turn creates electro-pollution that arguably causes more stress, fatigue, and a sense of being “out of balance.” Cell phones, radio frequencies, and various other means of electro-pollution, such as HAARP, operate in the ELF range, which fills the environment with an unnatural frequency range. Maintaining an optimal biological frequency resonance is key to good health, and may be attained through various natural and artificial means such as simply living in areas away from large city centers or placing devices that produce resonant frequencies, within the earth’s natural ionosphere cavity range, in the household. The real threat of tampering with our natural frequency range is significant to some and relatively inconsequential to others. It is recommended that each individual at-least consider its very real implications, which have been covered in this article only by a hair’s breadth.