Sodium Fluoride

Fluoride is not a pharmaceutical grade additive; it is a by-product of various products and industrial processes. Steel, aluminum, fertilizer, glass, and cement are but a few products which generate fluorine gases. Regulatory laws prevent industries from expelling fluoride and other gases harmful to the environment from smokestacks. Due to this regulation, “scrubbers” are installed to prevent the gases from escaping into the air, and as result is collected and stored. Instead of paying fees and incurring expenses to get rid of this waste, fluoride is sold like a commodity to corporations and municipalities which in turn is added to toothpaste, drinking water, infant formula, and many processed foods and beverages.

Although the argument for the use of fluoride in prevention of tooth decay remains prominent, experts in toxicology, various health sciences, and curious minds alike have pursued studies and research that coincide with the negative effects of fluoride being the underlying issue. Some of the stated affects of fluoridation are cancer, dental fluorosis, increased hip fracture (as it accumulates in hip bones), and various other serious ailments that have been identified in animal research. Some research suggests fluoride was used as a means to make prisoners, and the public in some cases, docile as a means of being easily controlled.

The issue is laden with controversy and is arguably a matter of significant importance to society as well as Big Business. Most will agree, to a certain extent, that corruption permeates through even the most vital sectors of business and government. Is the dilution of toxic waste in human consumption products the result of the nature of this organism? As with many matters, we have to filter the vast amount of information to find the, sometimes inconceivable, truth. The subject of water fluoridation is no different and must be questioned with an open mind.
As a note, 66% of U.S. water supplies are currently fluoridated, while 98% of Western Europe has rejected Water Fluoridation

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Dr. Harold Hodge
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