Try the Latest Tie-dye Nail Art at Home This Summer

If you are feeling a bit crafty, you will definitely love the coolest manicure trend this summer season. The tie-dyeing of the nails will let you explore infinite colors and pattern without complicated procedures. And with the summer season, tie-dye nails are a best way to show your personality. Here are some of easy to do designs that you can do on your own.

Tie-dye Nail

  1. Tie-Dye Effect with Rhinestone

When we think of tie-dye effect, the first thing that will come to mind will be Technicolor dress that Janis Joplin wore in Woodstock. But did you know that you can rock a tie-dye nail without being decade-specific in this Tie-Dye Effect with Rhinestone that is very nostalgic yet decidedly modern. The LDS D164 We Could Runaway gives a galaxy background effect while the use of white polish to create your own swirl designs will complete the tie-dye look. Don’t worry about it being imperfect because tie-dye has always been about that imperfect homespun finish. If you are off to a formal event, add some rhinestone on your nails and your hands will surely get all the attention.

  1. Tie-Dye and Marble Combo

In this design, you will be using the same set of nail dipping powders but you will pull off a totally different look. This is a combination of the tie-dye and the marble veins effect and the result is really amazing. You would start off with a white base coat then covering half of the nail bed with LDS D164 We Could Runaway and the other half with LDS D148 White Ice. Using a black and white DND DC gel polish, create a marble veins effect and your nails will be ready for anything. The use of nail dipping powder as base coat in this technique will guarantee you that you will enjoy your nails 3x longer compared if you use the traditional acrylic or gel polish.

  1. Single Strip Dye

Are you not in the mood to polish your whole nail? You can try another design where you color both sides of your nails black therefore highlighting a single strip tie-dye design on the center. The negative space in your tie-dye design will make your nails look so much fun and more depth. Not only you can wear this on casual events but it can also be worn during the summer season where everything is filled with life and colors.

  1. One Nail Tie-Dye

If you want to stay minimalistic but still trendy, you can paint your 4 nails white using the nail dipping powders then be extra flashy on the ring finger. You can either do the tie-dye effect with rhinestone on it or the tie-dye and marble combo, it’s up to you. Trust us, this look will make you look as if you just paid your salon a visit even if you didn’t. The actual process in these techniques might be a little more finesse than the usual tie-dye effect using water but it’s all worth it.