Summer Nail Polish Colors

Glamorous looks have become the basic needs of today’s ladies. Without having a wonderful nail color on the nails, the look never gets completed. You always need to wear on nail polish on your nails that actually boost your overall outfit with perfect style ever.

Summer Nail Polish Colors

Though there are many colors and many different kinds of nail polishes available on the market. People get the colors they have been looking for with their own choices, their own set of mind and their own preferences. But the fact is that there are certain colors that fit perfectly for expressing moods in particular occasion in particular seasons.

Now here we’ll be talking about the summer colors and the various shades of the nail polishes that are perfect to put on your nails this summer:

Glitters and shimmers in nail polishes

Most of the nail polishes that are considered in-fashion today are usually with glitter and soft shimmer look. In summer glitter based nail polishes are the number one option for most of the ladies due to a perfect shine, it gives to brighten up the hot days in a really fascinating way. You may either use glitter with color or different shades like red, pink, gold, bronze and silver or metallic colors with extra glitter as well.

Shades of pink

Pink is always there when you have to put on soft, girlish looks on your nails. From light and baby pink to bright, dark and shocking pink colors, all are suitable to be used in summer. This color works fine with party outfits and soft tint make sure to make you feel more professional.

Blue and sea green

Light to dark shades of blue and green are sometimes mixed together to get an exotic ocean color on the nails which seem cool and brightening in many ways. These colors look refreshing and make sure to give you a trendy nail look in hot summers either you are outdoors or enjoying a beach party. You can choose color ocean in opi gel nail polish collection. It is the help you choose the what you want.

Shimmery blue tone multicolor with a purple tint

Shimmer, blue, purple and magenta colors add to the wonderful look of mermaid style nails. These colors are either put together to get the perfect look or are used in the nail art for a well-defined nail look with some of the most exotic colors in town.


Bright orange color is a funky shade that most girls love matching with contrasting outfits for parties and as a daily wear. The orange colored nail polish can be found in a matte finish or in glossy DND gel polish finish. This color works fine by adding beauty, style and eye-catching effect to make you feel confident and stand out from the crowd.

Dusty rose and gold rose

Dusty rose or gold rose colors are soft and calming at the same time. This color also is a multipurpose shade that can be used as a casual nail polish or for professional meetings and daily use. This adds to the elegance and beauty of hands while making them look trendier and decent as well.

White nail polish

White is also considered to be one of the go-to nail polish for keeping it simple and trendy on the nails. Since it is white and has no color it can get along with any of the outfits and will surely add style to the overall look.

Neon colors

Neon colors are the choice of fun-loving girls who need to stay prominent in night parties and gatherings and need an out-of-the-box solution for their nail fashion needs.

Lilac and purple

Lilac and purple shades are also cool colors and provide a calming impact in hot summers. You can either use a light purple or lilac-colored lds nails polish as daily wear.

All of these above-mentioned summer nail polish colors are some of the trendiest options that anyone could use. It is best to make sure you determine your preference and make sure you choose a quality color so that you may look cool in the hot summer days and nights. Definitely a good, well-applied and perfect colored nail polish can improve the overall look and make you feel confident and prominent among the other people.