Kiara Sky Nails FAQs to Help Get Your Best Gel Manicure

Gel manicures can be fun. As these manicures last long for as much as four weeks comfortably, women worldwide prefer gel manicures to others. Besides, gel polish gives a glossy feel and makes your nails look their best. Products like Kiara Sky gel polish are available in a magnificent spectrum of colors with innumerable shades.

Gel manicures are the favorites of women because it gives them the license to experiment. However, some questions keep lingering at the back of one’s mind. This blog answers all such inquiries to ensure that your Kiara sky nails look shining and radiant all the time.

How long can a gel manicure last?

Generally, a perfectly done gel manicure can last comfortably for three to four weeks. The only factor that can make you consider removing gel polish is the nail’s natural growth. As the nail keeps growing over the three weeks, you can experience a clean divide between the areas having gel polish and the new growth that does not.

Why does gel polish peel off at times?

Gel polish generally does not peel off easily. However, an improper gel manicure s always at risk of peeling off. One of the common reasons why it does so is the curing of the gel polish into the cuticle area. As the nail grows out of its bed, it pushes the gel layer straight away, and you experience peeling or lifting.

The solution is to prep your cuticles before you start the gel manicure. It is best if you push the cuticles gently into the skin using an orangewood cuticle pusher. One should not cut the cuticles as it can be painful. If there is chipping in the cuticle area, it is better to get it treated before you have the gel manicure.

Secondly, the Kiara Sky nail polish can get on your skin when you apply it to the nails. It is essential to remove this polish before you go for the curing process. You can easily wipe off the excess polish using a cotton pad dipped in nail polish removing solution. It can be challenging to do so after you cure the manicure.

Which products should I use for a perfect gel manicure?

It is always advisable to use quality gel polish products. While you can get plenty of cheap nail polish on the market, it is not a good idea to purchase and use them. When it comes to beautifying your nails, there should not be any compromise. The quality products can be a bit expensive initially, but they last longer and prove economical.

Why does my gel polish become hard inside the bottle?

Gel polish cures and becomes hard when exposed to ultraviolet rays. It explains why you cure your gel polish after the application. The sun is the most prominent source of ultraviolet rays on this planet. Thus, gel polish can become hard if exposed to direct sunlight. You should ensure to close the bottle tightly after use and keep it safely in a place away from direct sunlight.

Similarly, your gel polish bottle should not be anywhere near the UV lamp when your Kiara Sky nails undergo the curing process. The accidental exposure of gel polish to UV rays can make the polish hard.

Why should I shake the gel polish bottle before applying it?

Gel polish constitutes different ingredients that can settle to the bottom. Shaking the bottle well before use allows the ingredients to mix correctly and ensure a quality gel manicure. If you find it difficult to shake the bottle manually, you can purchase a gel polish bottle shaker accessory. It does not cost much.

How can I make my gel polish last longer?

Prepping before you apply the gel polish is the most crucial activity. Prepping consists of pushing the cuticle back into its grooves, trimming your nails and shaping them, filing the sharp edges, and buffing the nail surface to allow the gel polish to stick to it. If you do these activities well, the gel polish does not lift or chip off easily.

The basecoat has a critical role to play. If it does not stick to the nail surface, your gel manicure will not last long. Hence, you can use an acid-free primer to remove the oils from your nail plate before applying the base coat.

Finally, curing the Kiara Sky gel polish is vital. It lets the polish harden and get a glossy appearance,

Why do bubbles form when I apply gel polish?

The best way to avoid bubbles in your gel manicure is to roll the gel polish bottle well between your hands to let the ingredients mix well. You should also ensure not to apply thick coats that encourage bubble formation.


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